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Pisces Weekly Horoscope for Pisces

week of 15th September 2014 - 21st September 2014

Private Life: * * *

Money and Work: * * *

State of mind: NOT highly cooperative now but worse after the 23rd.

Karma Numbers: 0, 2, 3, 20, 23.

Buzz Words: Follow the yellow brick road or at least you FEEL like you are in some fairy land dream.

Finances: NOT highly cooperative now but worse after the 23rd.

Compatible Sign: Cancer, by far! Also Virgo, Leo and Taurus.


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A lot of talking and deciding appears likely for the 15th to 17th, particularly about discipline, clashes between siblings, travel, vacation, spending on vehicles and issues of 'where the money went'. Emotional exchanges are very likely the 17th into 18th and may carry with them some 'cascading energy' that could trickle into the balance of the week or even wash over into next week, particularly near the 22nd to 24th before they 'straighten out' to your satisfaction OR '100%' whichever comes FIRST!


There is a risk of 'sudden set backs' for paired Fish this week near the 16th to 18th -- just as there is the very SAME 'possibility of exciting new love' for singles the very SAME window; 16th to 18th! Long talks may form strong ties VERY early in the game for new matches... just as they can FIX old wounds, recent misunderstandings and complications, especially from 'family interference' for older matches. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


This is NOT a week to launch changes in your life with ANY insight, advice, encouragement or input from FRIENDS. They may be well meaning and looking to be totally supportive and showing their love, but the things you must decide, you must decide on your OWN. Keep pals for enjoying fun outings, mutual pal gatherings, celebrating life and enjoying shared hobbies and passions.


Mistakes are very likely the 15/16th, especially those written, on paper, done with a 'co venture' coworker or those done while 'relying on the involvement and/or input of another person'. Impulsive feelings the 16th should be IGNORED and a pace that is 'reasonable' should be adapted in any situation where you feel pressed, rushed or 'put upon' to any degree!!! CLEAR info may be available to you the AM of the 17th an NOT the PM hours, the PM of the 18th and NOT the AM hours and early on the 19th ONLY. It MAY be far better to push to decide things NOW rather than to let them go into next week AFTER the 23rd. THAT is your deadline for dealing with all things 'essential' the 23rd!


NOT highly cooperative now but worse after the 23rd.

Message from the Team

Check your personal astrology report for September. Make sure to read them -- also the enhanced reports such as the Treasure Map and the Time Line Profile. Improve your well being, love life and career prospects.

Deborah and Wayne are here for you to create the reports based on your birthday and place of birth. These are the best astrology reports yet!

Last Thursday we had some trouble with our internet connection. One ofthe data centers where our servers are located went offline due to an broken optical fiber connection. It took 20 hours to fix the cable. During that time access to our sites was severely degraded. We are now looking at other data centers to make sure the horoscopes remain accessible at all times.

I wish you a great start into the new week!

Best regards,

Joe Savelberg


Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your the fact you find it stressful to balance needs for freedom and independence with needs for love and intimate companionship. You really behave quite oddly or aloof right now which will put others off considerably thus affording you the space you need, but at a cost. You are also attracted to the exotic, offbeat, unusual, or bizarre at this time. People or things which might offend your senses at other times now arouse your appreciation and interest. This will not be a boring time if you can help it! But it is apt to be a tense time if you are in a close, bonded relationship. Lucky Numbers: 12, 15, 30, 32, 34, 48 Read more...

Famous Birthdays for Tuesday, 16th of September

Mickey Rourke (1956), David Copperfield (1956), Kenny Jones (1948), Beverly Aadland (1942), Anne Francis (1930),...

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