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Virgo Weekly Horoscope for Virgo

week of 24th November 2014 - 30th November 2014

Private Life: *

Money and Work: *

State of mind: Improving reliably

Karma Numbers: 6, 12, 18, 22, 24

Buzz Words: A generous heart still costs money.

Finances: Improving nicely

Compatible Sign: Leo, Capricorn


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Cooperation is poor the 24th but improves quickly only to dive again the 28th but in between, you can accomplish, enjoy and revel in a great deal of family unity and humor. Youth tend to learn lessons slowly and there can be 'cost' involved, especially if it inconveniences YOU! We all 'get a turn' and maybe you forgot way back when yours was but this may be 'a blast from the past' and almost laughable. Shake your head and marvel at life and then move on and learn.


Romance does well this week and that is enough to 'make' any week for almost ANY Virgo! Old loves may cycle back into your life in almost any form from 'news, gossip and insights' to actual encounters. Remember that 'old loves' didn't work for a reason and IF that reason does not exist any more, than you stand a good chance but if things 'have REALLY not changed at all' then you are whistling in the dark. The 28th to 1st appears particularly promising for a hefty cross section of Virgos looking for upgrades in existing status or 'new opportunity'. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


New friends are indicated this week, especially near the 25th to 27th or from the events of them. Also, OLD pals tend to cycle back into your life. Spend a little time 'remembering all about what it was LIKE last time' before you get excited and hand out new contact info.


You want to work and there is 'work promised' to almost EVERY Virgo who wants some... if you don't LIKE what you are doing, then shop for something else but there does appear to BE work for you, it just may not be what you'd prefer! Those of you who are currently 'gainfully employed' may find lots of 'extra work' is brought to you near the 24th to 26th and again the 28th and 29th; if you work the weekend, that is.


Improving nicely

Message from the Team

Check your personal astrology report for November. Make sure to read them -- also the enhanced reports such as the Treasure Map and the Time Line Profile. Improve your well being, love life and career prospects.

Deborah and Wayne are here for you to create the reports based on your birthday and place of birth. These are the best astrology reports yet!

I wish you a great start into the new week!

Joe Savelberg


Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by new beginnings and a reconnection to the past. You could ruin your chances by using your most effective ammunition too early in the week. Rude or impulsive behavior is not easily excused. Regrets have a way of softening the hard edges. An old wound may be slow to heal. No one ever said it was going to be easy, but you know it'll be worth it. Open your eyes to the reality that exists not what you perceive through your rose colored glasses. Look deeper and you will be able to make needed changes. Family affairs will work out if you look at the situation through others eyes. Investigate all promising secondhand information for yourself. By week's end, you should be able to enjoy simple pleasures and conversation with family and friends. Lucky Numbers: 3, 5, 18, 24, 34, 42 Read more...

Famous Birthdays for Tuesday, 25th of November

John F. Jr. Kennedy (1960), Amy Grant (1960), John Larroquette (1947), Kathryn G. Crosby (1933), Georg Kaiser (1878),...

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